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3 Way Switch Circuits

Power Source and Fixture Feed at Different Switch

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Preparation Instructions

You will need...

1. A 3 wire cable that  is routed between switch box 1 and switch box 2 - these wire cables comes with a black / red / white wire plus the bare equipment grounding wire. 

2. A 2 wire cable that is routed between switch box 2 and the fixture box - this wire cable comes with a black / white wire plus the bare equipment grounding wire.

3. A circuit power supply source wire cable that is feed to the switch 1 box.

4. Insulated wire nuts to connect / join wire together, variety of sizes out there so make sure you obtain the correct size.

5. Wire staples, to affix the wire cables to wall studs as needed. Wire cable must be secured within 6 inches of entering the electrical box. 

6. Wire cable / wire strippers.

7. Screwdrivers as required.

Holes drilled to feed wires through studs must be 1 1/4" from edge of stud, in instances where the wire cable is closer then the edge of stud must have a 1/16-in. thick protective metal plate over the area where the cable is being feed through  (may want to notch the stud so that that the protective plate does not create a bump on the drywall). Also read the article called (on our sister website 'Wiring Done Right' ) 'Wire Routing Basics'

Wire cables entering the electrical box - secure the cable clamp at the box snug enough that the cable cannot come out but not too tight as to pinch the cable and break through the insulated cover of the cable.

You must have at least 6 inch length of wire inside the electrical box, it can be a bit more but not less, it can fail an inspection if the length of each wire is less than 6 inches. Also read the article called (on our sister website 'Wiring Done Right') 'Box Fill Calculations' as there is a limit on how many wires are allowed for a certain size electrical box.

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